Grave Markers for Two

An Eternity Together

Grave markers for two are very special grave markers that allow couples who spend large portions of their time together to be remembered as couples for many generations to come. Grave markers for two are slightly larger than individual headstones, giving ample room for couples to be memorialized together.

Grave markers for two allow families to participate in a century old tradition

Grave markers for two, also called companion markers or companion grave stones, allow families to participate in the centuries of memorial tradition that surround headstones in general. By marking the locations where couples are laid to rest, grave markers for two give families a specific location in which to visit and memorialize their loved ones. Psychologists say that being able to visit a particular spot to remember a lost person is an important part of healthy grieving, and grave markers for two offer that. Grave markers for two also offer the additional advantage of memorializing people as couples rather than as simply individuals. With grave markers for two, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers will always be just that for years to come.

Grave markers for two even have an impact on our history, as they are very helpful to historians and genealogists who are often dependent upon them decades, or even centuries, after deaths have occurred.  By keeping couples connected through the ages, grave markers for two assure that family histories are recorded accurately for generations. This peace of mind is yet another reason why many couples are memorialized with grave markers for two. Knowing that a husband and a wife will be remembered, and acknowledged, as a couple for as long as history is recorded is a reassuring comfort that, of all headstones, only grave markers for two can provide.

It should be noted that grave markers for two are often used even when the remains of both members of the couple have been processed differently. If, for example, one member of a couple has been cremated – and his or her ashes have been scattered elsewhere – grave markers for two are still commonly used to memorialize such people alongside their spouses’ un-cremated body. Also, it is common for cremated remains to be buried atop an un-cremated loved-one’s grave. Grave markers for two are perfect for this memorial option, as well. Double depth grave markers for two are designed to memorialize this type of burial, where one individual is interred above the other.

Companion memorials offer a way to families to pay tribute to the love of a lifetime

Grave markers are made from the same sturdy materials (usually granite or bronze) that comprise other headstones, but they differ from other headstones because they have room to include the names, birth dates, and death dates of two people who have been (or are to be) buried side by side. Because they can link couples together for the ages, grave markers for two offer a unique comfort to families wanting to treasure their precious memories for generations to come.

By their nature, most grave markers for two are usually purchased “pre-need.” Pre-need grave markers for two can have names engraved at the time of purchase and then the dates of death can be added (usually at a nominal additional charge) later. It is possible, but often not practical; to replace an individual headstone with a grave marker for two after the second member of a couple has died. The impracticality of this is the reason why most grave markers for two are purchased “pre-need.” Whatever a family’s decision, grave markers for two are sure to help capture and preserve the memory of a true love for the ages.